Download Median Ui v1.5 template

Median Ui v1.5 is one of the popular blogger templates for days. Everyone wants to get this model from the Le Mon economic model and the mold is very fast. Whether it is on a mobile phone or a computer, I offer you the discussion for free, and it does not contain Arabization rights

Download Median Ui v1.5 template

Median Ui template v1.5 is a new update to Median Ui v1.4 template Some new improvements have been made to the template, a master slider has been added to the template.

Comments have been modified in addition to that, you can use the template to profit through Google Adsense, and it contains a site dedicated to placing ads, and some improvements have been made in the appearance of the template, and the developer has added a main slider at the top of the site.

Template Features

1- The template is SEO friendly

2- The template has a distinctive look

3- The template has a new search button

4- The template has a night mode function

5- The template includes a professional slider

breadcrumb function

6- Share the article buttons in a new way

7- The form contains the article's table of contents

8- The template is ready, you can add Adsense ads

9- Comments feature in a popup window

Post related article

10- Climb button at the top of the site

11- The template does not contain an encrypted code

12- Does not contain localization rights

13- The template has an author box below the topic

14- The template contains explanations and descriptions for it through the official website of the template

Modify the template

This template allows you to modify it from the formatting. Some of the few things that you must modify from the template codes. To facilitate the modification process for users, the template developer has put a full explanation of the template explaining the code and features in the template.

main menu

Find the following code, then modify the codes below it :

<li class='home'>

Social Media

Find the following code, then modify the codes below it :

<ul class='socialLink'>

Template info

If there are any copyright reasons, please contact us via email :, we will remove the article if we receive the owner's request via this mail. Thank you!

Template name : Median Ui v1.5

Price                     :  free

file                         : zip

Free Download Paid MEDIAN UI V1.5 Template.

I advise you to take a backup copy of your template to avoid any errors or problems during installation.

You can download the template for free and with a direct link from Mediafire via the following link:

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