How to earn money online in 2021?

Earning money has become a little bit harder as the COVID-19 is hitting all over the world, consequently, many people joined the internet, not to have fun, not to communicate, not to do research or any of what is usually done on the internet. These people join the internet to earn money online!

Making money online is not a new way to earn money online, it is not something we just started to do, people we can call “the leaders” of the online domain have been mading mad money online since years ago.

However, we know it is hard to start an online business and make it profitable, it is not as easy as it seems, and we got your back!

How to earn money online in 2021?

In this article, we listed the best and the most profitable ways to earn money online in 2021.

Top 4 ways to earn money online today:

As mentioned earlier, making money online is not easy, you need to be organized and to be specified. It is always suggested to set a goal, to pick something you’re good at, and to specialise in one niche.

The options we are providing are not magical, and are not the unique ways to earn money online, we listed what we experienced and what was efficient in OUR experience making money online.

1- Sell books online:

Do you have a passion for writing? Is your imagination providing you with some real and breathtaking events? Well,if yes, this one is really good news for you, today you can make money online selling books, furthermore, that makes you a self published author!

Selling books online is an effective way to earn money online, and it doesn’t require a huge amount of work, it is known as a passive income, as once your book is launched it is going to keep getting you an amount of money monthly.

Now, how much can it get you? Nobody knows!

Don’t take this answer the wrong way, you can sell your book starting from 1$, if you sell 100 books a month it is going to be 100$, but if you sell 1000 copies, you are going to get 1000$ as a PASSIVE INCOME.

Amazon Kindle is a really good way to proceed, however, you still can promote your books on social media, ads, and if you have a website, you can promote your realisations on your blog.

2- Start your thrifting business:

I am sure you have at least only one thing you don’t use at your home you don’t use, if you don’t have more than 10 useless things at home. These useless things are absolutely useful for other people, so you can sell them!

And Facebook is more than enough for selling this stuff: Few years ago, Facebook added a marketplace, and millions of people are using it each day to buy things. You can also add the delivery charges.

Let’s put ourselves in the situation where the marketplace wasn’t enough for your online business, you can start an account on instagram as a thrifting store, and promote it a little to rank it.

And you remember the example I gave earlier? You don’t need to sell YOUR stuff only, you can collaborate with people, sell their items and get a profit from these, also you can buy old items and sell them as vintage items.

3- Start your freelancing business:

Freelancing is the best way to earn money online for me! During the crisis It made me $1600 a month working a few hours a day. There are many platforms playing the role of an intermediate between you and millions of customers interested in your services, the most known ones are: Fiverr, People Per Hour, Upwork, and Freelancer.

Being a freelancer is not as easy as it seems, you can freelance in any domain, literally any domain, Accounting, Business, Coaching, even if you are a doctor you can freelance it online, teacher as well, literally whatever.

But it is not recommended to try and sell different services, choose a domain, web design for exemple, and specialize in this domain, don’t try mixing and doing any task just because it seems easy, this is not how it works.

Take your time choosing the speciality if you are a multitasker, but don’t multitask online, it will literally ruin you because you won’t be able to focus, and your clients won’t be able to trust you.

4- Launch your own blog:

Anyone who decides to start a blog faces the same challenge: getting through a few months of desert before getting more regular traffic. It’s a difficult and demotivating time, even with some web experience. For a beginner who is starting their first blog, it may even push them to give up the adventure.

The principle is very simple: just open your word processor and write 26 articles there. Why 26? Simply because it will allow you to publish one article per week for 6 months no matter what!

You will start by deciding on a launch date for your blog: if you estimate that it will take you 2 months to write 26 articles, set that date in 2 and a half months. This will give you time to prepare your project well.

Making a living with a blog doesn't mean being a millionaire and making headlines by showing off your life, and that doesn't mean you're going to be an influencer, either. Even if in the latter case, it can happen after a job well done and with a good positioning. Nothing is impossible, provided you put the necessary energy into it and go beyond a (long) phase of waiting for results.

Earning money with your blog is already supporting yourself and of course being able to cover all your expenses by this one activity. Clearly, you become a professional blogger and this is what we will explain below, because 2 concepts emerge from the professional blogger.

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